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As a licensed psychologist, therapist and counselor serving Greenwich CT, NYC (Manhattan) and White Plains, NY, I offer a nonjudgmental, practical approach to psychotherapy that is respectful of a person's pace and readiness to change. I try to create a relationship where you are understood and where your feelings are supported.

Clients have described me as warm, compassionate, engaged and present psychotherapist. My style is collaborative. I will work with you to go deep into the root of the problem to create meaningful and practical solutions.

My 30 years of professional experience as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Greenwich, NYC and White Plains has demonstrated and convinced me that people have the ability to change when given useful information and practical tools.

My approach shifts the focus from deficits to strengths, from feeling stuck to being empowered, from feelings of shame to dignity.

Examples of emotional distress and painful feelings which bring people to therapy are:

Some common issues which people have experienced in adulthood or childhood which may be affecting them presently may include:

  • trauma, post-traumatic stress
  • abuse (emotional, sexual, physical)
  • feelings of shame, childhood neglect, bullying, mistreatment
  • eating disorders, learning difficulties and ADD/ADHD (child and adult)
  • issues of loss
  • drug and alcohol dependency
  • Asperger's Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Situations that bring people to therapy include:

  • conflict in marriage or relationship
  • problems with a parent or child or with an adult child
  • divorce, family conflict, parenting issues
  • psychological effects of infertility
  • loss of a loved one and job loss
  • gender and sexual identity issues
  • anxiety regarding life transitions, etc.

One important goal of individual therapy, couples therapy, relationship and marriage counseling, and family therapy, parent and adolescent counseling is to help people have better relationships.

Psychotherapy promotes understanding and awareness of the contribution you may be making to an emotional "lock" in a relationship. Our focus will be on helping identify your feelings as well as learning to express feelings in a productive way, so that your message is more likely to be heard and well received.

In times of stress, the usual negative issues in our closest relationships become intensified. When stressed, threatened or hurt, we commonly employ protective psychological defenses such as withdrawal, anger, isolation, passive-aggressive behaviors (showing anger by what is not said or not done) and defensive responses, which usually bring out further negativity in others.

It may be difficult to take that first step and acknowledge that you, or someone you deeply care about, may benefit from help. It is totally normal to feel that way. However, it is the necessary first step to change.

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What can I expect from therapy with a psychologist?

One of the benefits of psychotherapy is getting a better perspective about yourself as well as who you want to become.

If you find that you are facing the same problems repeatedly, or if you feel stuck, unhappy or don't feel comfortable with your life, it may be the right time to consider psychotherapy with a licensed psychologist and counselor. I have convenient appointments and can see you in either my White Plains, New York City or Greenwich Connecticut psychotherapy practice locations. Seeking help is a sign of maturity and strength. Avoiding personal difficulties or thinking you can fix the problem yourself is often based on self-deception and a reluctance to admit to certain aspects about your own behavior which are causing problems for you or between you and the other person. Procrastinating or avoiding seeking help only serves to delay and continue the hurt and distress.

Psychotherapy is a positive step to having a better and more gratifying life. Therapy can help you resolve inner confusion and turmoil and ease inner obstacles. Once you begin to resolve these emotional hurdles, it will allow you to move into more satisfying experiences and relationships.

Most importantly, therapy will help you be more aware and in charge of yourself, rather than feeling that you are the victim of someone else's bad behavior or habits. Therapy and counseling also help you become aware of your own bad behavior or habits which may be contributing to the problem.

Therapy helps you enjoy your life more fully and facilitates achieving your personal, relationship and professional goals. Counseling may focus on helping people undergo major life transitions including separation, divorce, career change, a geographic move, a teen leaving for college, menopause, retirement, or other adjustment issues.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." Psychotherapy is a process whereby you actively make decisions to shape your life. It is a positive step towards having a more gratifying life.

The kind of therapy we engage in will depend on the type and level of issue you have and on your particular needs.

Examples of some possible treatment methods can include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, counseling focused on crisis, grief, trauma, betrayal, abandonment and counseling for stress and anger management.

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